Unique Photography

Your time with us will be a wonderful memory of our teamwork to create the most stunning, beautiful photos that you could ever dream of!

Cultural & Events

We take special care for those who identify with specific cultures and strive to convey your cultural beliefs with your photographs. We also feel that your special event requires as much focus and attention! Whether it is a wedding, birthday, retirement party or even a local gathering, they are all equally important and deserving of special attention!


Allow us to bring out and capture your true self! We love working with exceptionally unique people and will work to bring out your inner beauty on film. We put our all into each project, no matter how big or how small.

From costumed photo shoots to candid shots and events, we strive to make it an experience that you will fondly remember.

We utilize natural lighting whenever possible to create a stunning and realistic yet somewhat surreal look and feel to our photos. Though we prefer outdoors shoots with natural light, we are also able to accommodate indoor and action shoots as well!

We are available for individual photo shoots as well as family shoots. We would love to capture your beautiful belly bump with a maternity photo shoot and follow up with newborn baby! We also are there for your  photo and video needs when you are having a special event. From birthday parties and engagements to weddings and local fairs, we are ready to serve your needs with our special and unique photography and videography skills.


Kristen is a homeschooling mother and self taught photographer. She prefers natural light and dusk is her favorite lighting! Kristen is the main author of our YouTube videos and loves creative videography, where she can show her unique style and tastes. She produces her photos with minimal edits, preferring to show the natural beauty of her subjects with adjustments for lighting. With a background in dance and performance, Kristen knows how to set the stage for your perfect photo and video shoots!

John has years of professional art education under his belt, as well as many years of artistic design, creation and production. He is technical minded as well as artistic, and is pursuing his professional drone operator license. With his artistic education, he is an expert in electronic design and post-production. With a passion for photography and videography, John has a true artistic eye!


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