Life is Too Short!

I just found out that a friend passed away this afternoon. We weren't incredibly close... but he was incredibly close to someone I am incredibly close to, so that is plenty enough to shake me. I got the call from his fiancee and we talked for a good while. She was very shook up, her … Continue reading Life is Too Short!

To Nomad or Not To Nomad?

I had an amazing experience in my younger years: I was a nomad. I was floating where ever the winds took me with all of my worldly possessions in a bag on my back. I didn't quite do it "right" in those days... I hitchhiked, I jumped freight trains, I hiked and hiked and hiked. … Continue reading To Nomad or Not To Nomad?

Natural Dog Spray

Have you ever wished you could get your hands on a spray for your beloved pooch that smells amazing, is all natural, won't irritate their skin and actually conditions their skin and coat to minimize flaky dander? Well, today is your lucky day! I am going to share with you my all natural, awesomely amazing … Continue reading Natural Dog Spray

Building the Machine: Common Core Education

Building the Machine: Common Core Education What do you know about the Common Core Initiative? Do you really know what your kids are being taught in school? I'll give you a hint: the new Common Core standards are NOTHING like it was when we were in school, folks! And, while Common Core is being taught … Continue reading Building the Machine: Common Core Education

Printable Alphabet Chart

I have been looking for a good printable alphabet chart for Matoskah and found several. After printing them and trying them out with him, I realized that there were items in each one that he just didn't understand or relate to at all... YoYo for Y and he doesn't enjoy yoyos, foX for X didn't … Continue reading Printable Alphabet Chart

Printable Emergent Reader Books

This is a resource from The Measured Mom, who has a TON of wonderful resources on her site. I highly recommend giving her site a good long browse 🙂 My #1 resource that came from her site, in the stage that my son is in now, is her free printable Emergent Readers. Simply print, cut … Continue reading Printable Emergent Reader Books