Rant on Makeup & Self-Image

My little rant on makeup and self image. I believe in natural beauty, inner beauty and that your inner beauty shines through, regardless of your makeup or hair! Also, if you don't possess inner beauty, that comes through as well, regardless of makeup and hair. Love yourself and put that energy out. Then that very … Continue reading Rant on Makeup & Self-Image

Life is Too Short!

I just found out that a friend passed away this afternoon. We weren't incredibly close... but he was incredibly close to someone I am incredibly close to, so that is plenty enough to shake me. I got the call from his fiancee and we talked for a good while. She was very shook up, her … Continue reading Life is Too Short!

Thoughts on Life and Death… Musings and Sharing

I finally got around to writing an article about a recent video that I published. I was inspired and it ended up being a rather long video at just over 22 minutes... a got a lot of talking in! I also touched on a lot of different topics... I guess you could say it was … Continue reading Thoughts on Life and Death… Musings and Sharing

Family… Born or Earned?

Ok, I know this is going to be considered highly controversial for some who read it but I'm just sharing my honest views and opinions. They may change over time but this is how I feel about it right now... I know what the typical idea of the family unit consists of and I myself … Continue reading Family… Born or Earned?